Norfolk Island Pine

The Norfolk Island pine is an attractive evergreen conifer discovered by Captain Cook and botanist Sir Joseph Banks. There are more than 15 known varieties. However, only the heterophylla is acceptable for the indoor environment. Having an appearance of a true pine tree, its tiered branches carry soft needles. New layers of needles are bright green and turn darker with age. In its native habitat in can grow to nearly 200 feet. The maximum height indoors its about 10 feet. This plant is a slow grower, generally adding one tier of branches per growing season. The Norfolk Island pine is not difficult to grow but keep in mind that if there is needle drop, it is probably due to the environment being too warm or too wet. The Norfolk Island pine often serves as a mini Christmas tree. Always keep in mind that the braches are fragile so decorations should be light.

Family: Pinaceae (pine)

Origin: Norfolk Island

Care: During the most active growing period, March to August, keep moderately damp using only soft water. Water sparingly in winter. Feed with a weak concentration of fertilizer during the growing season. Mist often.

Lighting: Full sun

Ideal Temperature: 41-72°F (5-22°C)

Challenges: Aphids and mealybugs.

Propagation: Cuttings