Is your plant thirsty?

Plant that needs water

Caring for plants can be fun. You can be rewarded with beautiful growth, flowers, fruit, and fragrance. As with any other living thing, plants have needs and sometimes it is easy to forget the most important: water

Forgetting to water your plants is one of the most common problems plant parents encounter. Life gets busy. The weather changes. You go on vacation. All of these things can result in a thirsty plant and they can happen fast. What’s worse? You don’t realize your plant is thirsty until it shows signs. Some plants are more forgiving than others. Some are dramatic when they need water (Peace Lily, others just give up and die quickly before you can do anything.

Even the most experienced plant parents can forget to water and anyone telling you they never forget is telling your a lie! So, what can you do to make sure you keep your plants quenched? Here are a few tips:

  • It starts with the soil. Use soil that is designed for your particular plant. Most big box stores and even small nurseries carry soil that is specially formulated for different types of plants. You’d be surprise how the soil can make such a difference in your plant’s health.
  • We all want to be creative with our plant placement but keep in mind that drafty areas or areas near air vents will dry out a plant much faster than other areas. You don’t have to keep your plants away from those areas but you should be mindful of how those areas affect your plant.
  • Look at your plants. Do they look thirsty? Are a bunch of the leaves looking a little dry? It may be time to water.