Is your plant drowning?

Overwatered plant

Caring for plants can be fun. You can be rewarded with beautiful growth, flowers, fruit, and fragrance. As with any other living thing, plants have needs but too much of a good thing can be a bad thing!

Over-watering is one of the most common problems plant parents encounter. It can be difficult to know when your plant needs water just by looking it at it. Some people water on a schedule, some people water when the plant begins to droop, some people water every day! Depending on the plant, any or all of these approaches can be wrong!

Over-watering a plant can result in root rot. Just like you and I, a plant roots need to breathe. If the roots are in soil that does not drain or does not drain well, the roots will soon not be able to breathe. When this happens, the roots begin to rot and soon after, the plant will show signs.

The bad news about over-watering is that it is very easy to do, can kill a plant quickly, and can be very frustrating however, there is good news! It is easy to correct over-watering if it is detected early but it is better to prevent than to cure so here are a few tips when it comes to watering your plants:

  • Know your plant. All plants are not made equal. Some plants like lots of water, others do not. It is good to know what your particular plant requires when it comes to moisture.
  • The soil holds secrets. A lot of people think just because the soil looks dry that the plant needs water but always remember: the roots are deeper and it is much more moist around the roots. If the top is dry, the roots may not be. A moisture meter can help determine if the plant does indeed need water. It also helps to get soil that matches the plant. There are many soils on the market that are designed to hold enough water for the plant the thrive but not hold on to the excess.
  • Drainage! Drainage! Drainage! Plants, especially those kept indoors, should be in containers that have adequate drainage holes. Good drainage will allows the excess water to drain out of the container preventing your plants from sitting in water too long. Do I mention drainage?

Water is very important for a plant. Do not be afraid to water your plants just be mindful that there is a such thing as “too much, too often.”