Florist’s Mum

Florist Mum provides a brilliant display of colors. They are often used to provide splashes of color in shopping malls, office buildings and other commercial settings. It is generally considered a houseplant only while in bloom. Commercial growers apply dwarfing chemicals and manipulate the day/night cycle to induce flowering at a given time. As a result, small plants with large flowers are available all year round. With a cool location, adequate lighting and frequent watering, this plant should bloom for six to eight weeks. Once blooming has peaked, the plants are rotated out.

Family: Compositae (composite)

Origin: China, Japan

Care: During the growing season, provide adequate water to keep the root ball slightly damp. Feed with a complete fertilizer weekly.

Lighting: Full sun

Ideal Temperature: 45-65°F (7-18°C)

Challenges: Aphids and spider mites are a risk when the air is too warm and dry.

Propagation: Seeds